Search Engine Stats

It is important your website performs well within search engines, the top 5 search results get 75% of the clicks! At Polkadot we can manage your keywords and on-page content to help you perform effectively within search engines. Why do you need SEO? See a few Polkadot facts below.

Google processes
100 billion searches
a month.

By 2014, Google had
indexed 30 trillion internet pages.

Bing processes
873,964,000 search
results per day.

Paid search equates
for just over 5% of
all website traffic.

More than half of
Google’s searches
come from mobiles.

Desktop search:
Google 80.52%
Bing 6.92%

89.3% of all internet
searches are carried
out by Google.

Chrome 52.39%
Safari 14.4%
Firefox 6.73%

75% of users never
scroll past the
first page of results.

93% of online
experiences begin
with a search engine.

In 2017, total digital
spend will surpass
TV spend.

Google averages
40,000 search queries every second.

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