Polkadot Group Supply Chain Management Policy

An effective and efficient supply chain is crucial to the success of Polkadot Group Ltd business. We ensure that everyone understands the value and commercial benefit that can be delivered by a well-managed supply chain. We work with our supply partners to constantly improve the way in which business is conducted, with focus on value improvement through better quality, cost and service. The company is guided by a set of principles from which we make our policy statements.

Policy Statement
We focus on customer needs, supplier capabilities and their needs, our systems and the people we employ across our supply chain. We measure our commitment to:
• Developing motivated and skilled resources;
• Producing simple transparent processes and attractive, easy to use systems;
• Providing a sustainable and managed supply base from which we can derive maximum value.

Supply Markets, Suppliers and Sub-Contractors
• We aim to ensure that commitments to third parties are value based and sustainable, from a demonstrably competitive supply base;
• We aim to do business with those who aspire to, and understand, our business aims and values and prefer to trade with ourselves before our competitors.

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