Polkadot Group Quality Management Policy

Our quality management process and procedure ensures each project is dealt with efficiently and with the minimum of fuss. Ultimately, the aim of the quality management system is to improve business performance, retaining our clients over many years.

Our process for communication includes:
Meeting to understand the requirements of the creative project and the direction of the strategy. We try and ask as many questions as possible, we listen, we research so we are comfortable with the information and confident that we understand the target audience,and your desired message.

When we understand your requirements we prepare a creative brief that we use as a benchmark to obtain your approval for the way forward.Once we have both agreed the brief we explore lateral design solutions that meet the needs of the creative brief. Through a development stage we produce final artwork and then it’s into production. We are a close knit team so communication is key; by working hand-in-hand, we communicate through email, telephone and meetings offering you complete flexibility.

Timescales for approvals process
Timescales and schedules vary depending on the complexity and extent of the work that is required; a schedule is produced to meet the requirements.
• Designer submits initial PDF by email;
• Client submits initial feedback by email or marked up hard copy printed in-house by the Client as appropriate;
• Designer submits second PDF by email;
• Client submits second feedback by email or marked up hard copy printed in-house by the Client as appropriate;
• Designer submits full colour hard copy at 100% normal size;
• Client completes colour check and signs off proofs as print-ready artworks;
• Designer submits deliverable as one CD containing high resolution versions of print ready artwork for the onward transfer to printers;
• Client or Agency submits deliverables to printer as requested, all parties sign off printers proof.

Production Time
Our production process is logged and scheduled with the team and overseen by a production manager. Tried and tested systems and years of experience means we are able to manage and prioritise. Minor amends are text mark ups; major amends includes the re-setting of new copy, design and images. We  allow up to 2 minor amends to text in all our quotations.

Annual Leave
Each member of our staff have the necessary skills to accommodate others holiday leave and sickness. We also have a skill base of freelancers to support us when required.

Disaster Process
Our server is backed up daily. All work is archived with duplicate DVD’s, with one copy kept off-site, allowing for work to continue in the event of a disaster.

Quality Process
Brand is important and we will follow the guidelines from the outset. Our process for internal quality assurance is as follows:
Approval Form includes the following:
• Description of the project
• Finished Size, Print Process, Stock and Finishing
• Document Checks:
• Document setup – bleeds, facing pages, page order, master page
• Document layout – columns, grids, guides
• Fonts and typography – unnecessary fonts, in appropriates sizes, tracking and kerning
• Spelling and grammar – spell check and read through all document text, body text, captions and headings
• Transparency effects – complicated layering / reproducibility
• Links and Image Check:
• File type and quality – size, resolution, unnecessary layers, eps fonts outlined, unused colours removed
• CMYK or RGB, appropriate type for output method
• Colour mode – CMYK, spot-colour, RGB or web
• Resolution – too low or excessively high when scaled in document
• Image scaling and size – extreme scaling up or down, quality at output size
• Logos – correct colour model / latest version

General Checks:
• Guidelines – layout, fonts, colours and branding checked against guidelines
• Colour models – appropriate for stock output? Pantone / Process / Spot
• Unused colours – remove unused colours from artwork and links
• Separations – unwanted spot colour / incorrect separations

Consistency Checks:
• Lines and rules – weights, colours and tints, correct use of paragraph rules
• Tabs and spacing – tabs and white spaces – not normal spaces
• Frames – stroke weights, sizes, positions, unnecessary objects
• Folios – placement, sizes, colours, numbering, master page object
• Text – case used consistently throughout, double spaces, dashes.

• Runouts and PDFs checked by two others
• Client to sign approval form
• Proof checking is undertaken by the designer and then one other, with any ambiguities identified.
• Our Policy is not to change copy, however we will make suggestions to you.
• Should there be additional costs we endeavour to inform you before the work is agreed and undertaken.

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