Polkadot Group Customer Care Policy

The aim of our Customer Care Policy is to understand what our customers need, and to develop and improve our service offering around the expectations of our customers.

We must never lose sight of the fact that we are a customer focused agency. Being customer focused means that all of us must seek to understand and respond to the needs and expectations of customers. We must ensure that services will be designed around the needs of customers, by first identifying what customers want from our marketing services, and then attempting to not only deliver on those needs but exceed their expectations

Each team member will be continually monitored by the management team as to their customer care abilities and any training issues will be dealt with on an ongoing basis as well as the annual review during the appraisal process.

Equality and Diversity
The Company is committed to the promotion of equality of opportunity for all employees irrespective of race, sexual orientation, disability or religion. We are further committed to the eradication of all forms of unlawful and unfair discrimination.

Embracing The Principles
Each member of the team, whatever their role, is responsible for implementing these principles; The management team believe in each member of the team and accordingly give them the responsibility to take ownership of their work and the queries and comments that go with this. The team member will seek to resolve queries at first contact. Good customer care can be delivered by adopting the following principles:
• Prioritising customer satisfaction as the key to the company’s success
• Treating all customers and suppliers, as well as our fellow team members, as we would want to be treated ourselves
• Use appropriate methods and styles of communication with clients
• Dealing with enquiries as quickly and efficiently as possible
• Respond to messages as soon as possible.

Policy Implementation
The success of the company, to date, is derived from a natural culture of customer care. The implementation aims to formalise and give some structure to the processes and procedures of this policy. It will be lead by the management team through regular communication and their day to day activity.

To build on the excellent standards of customer care that are currently evident within the company, it is crucial that during any interview process applicants must be tested as to their level of customer care awareness and eagerness to deliver a customer focused service.

All staff will receive customer care training on an ongoing basis. This will take the form of informal internal discussions, with honest and practical debate along with necessary role-plays if a specific training need is identified.

The management team are keen to impress that team members must continually consider customer care issues during their day-to-day work and not just when in the training environment. Additionally, any concerns in relation to this matter are voiced in the appropriate manner as and when the concern is raised – not just during team meetings and appraisals.

Setting the Standards
The following specific customer care standards will be adopted by all of the team:
• All written communication will be in a plain, concise language.
• Letters will be responded to within five working days and all e-mails within one day
• Telephone calls will be answered using the agreed Company style;
• Visitors will be personally greeted and made to feel welcome
• Complaints will be acknowledged within one working day
• All team members will be courteous and respectful, treating all customers fairly at all times.

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